Regular servicing of your vehicle is essential to improve efficiency and to prolong the life of your engine, servicing your vehicle regularly will also maintain the value of your vehicle as cars with a service history are more desirable when it comes to selling your car. At Kmita Motors we offer 3 different types of service levels to suit your requirements.

Bronze Package

Engine oil and filter change
Tyre pressure checked
Front and rear lights checked
Inspection of brakes
Inspection of tyres

Silver Package

All of the bronze services plus;

Interior lights and warning lights checked
Windscreen washers and wipers checked
All door hinges and locks lubricated
All levels topped up in engine bay
Check of steering components
Check of front and rear suspension
Coolant and antifreeze strength checked

Gold Package

All of the silver services plus;

Inspection of exhaust system
Inspection of engine transmissions
Inspection of auxiliary drive belt
Inspection of wheel bearings
Inspection of wiring